My name is Kathleen and I am a mom of four boys ages 12 and under. I have been blogging since 2010 over at my parenting blog Life With 4 Boys, but wanted a place to share fun crafts and my boy’s creativity. So, Crafts4Boys.com was born. Here you will find a wide range of craft tutorials from fun indoor activities to messy outdoor experiments. Although the site does have an emphasis on boys, moms of girls are more than welcome to come and share in the fun too. Pull up a paintbrush and feel free to get creative!

Meet the Boys


Joshua is the oldest and a science lover all the way. Any cool experiments that you find on Crafts4Boys will likely be his doing. He is a perfectionist like is mom and will always take the longest to finish his masterpiece, but is creative and is quite the Picasso when he wants to be. Joshua has ODD and ADHD, so crafts are a great way to calm him down and keep him focused on a task.

Jordan is the second oldest and is the quietest boy I have. He keeps to himself a lot, but can be a real ham once he gets to know you. He suffers from a learning disability that at times can affect his self esteem, so crafts are a fun way for him to learn and be creative without a fear of failure. He too likes things to be perfect, but is learning to just let go and enjoy! Jordan will be home schooled this year and will likely show up in a lot of tutorials.

Jayden is my wild child. Always full of too much energy and bouncing off the walls. He is quick to lose interest in a craft, so simple and easy is the way to go with him. He loves anything outdoors and the messier the better. He will be featured in most of the outdoor and dirty crafts or experiments we do. He is a boy all the way and loves nothing more than rolling around in the dirt.

Jase is my baby and loves any and all crafts. He is at a fun age where creativity and imagination are running wild and can always be found creating his own little games around the house. He is especially fascinated by the weather and went through an entire phase of drawing nothing but tornadoes. He is not a fan of being super messy and prefers to be indoors, but will gladly go outside to get dirty from time to time.

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