how to make a rain stick

How to Make a Rain Stick

how to make a rain stick

It has been raining cats and dogs here this summer and I have just about had it. The boys have been going crazy with all the rain and since it was raining yet again today, I thought the why not make a rain stick. Not only are they cool, but they are easy to make and a perfect rainy day craft. The instructions below will tell you exactly how to make a rain stick of your own.


  • Paper towel roll
  • One sheet of constructions paper
  • One sheet of felt
  • One sheet of posterboard or stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Rice, split peas, beans, bird seed, etc. for filler
  • Paint and paintbrush or other items for decorating once done

Step 1:

make a rain stick


Cover your paper towel roll with a sheet of construction paper and secure with tape or glue. You may need to trim a little bit of length off of the sheet of construction paper to make it fit well.

Step 2:

make a rain stick

Cut two 4-5 inch circles out of the sheet of felt. Use a cup or other object to trace the circles onto the felt and then cut them out.

Step 3:

how to make rain sticks

Use hot glue (or other glue if you prefer) to secure one circle to one end of the paper towel roll. Make sure to glue down all edges well so nothing will be able to escape later.

Step 4:

make rain stick

Cut several thin strips from the card stock or posterboard. These should be no more than an inch wide.

Step 5:

how to make a rainstick

Fold each of the strips back and forth into a fan shape.

Step 6:

rain stick craft

Insert the folded fan papers into the open end of the paper towel roll and pour a few tablespoons of rice, beans, birdseed, etc. in there after. I used a few tablespoons of rice and a small amount of split peas to add some variation in the weight.

Step 7:

rain stick crafts

Glue the other circle of felt onto the open end of the paper towel roll being careful to secure it tightly all around the edges.

Step 8:

rainsticks craft

Now that you have made a rain stick, you can decorate it. Get creative with paint, stickers, markers or even ribbon to give your rain stick a special touch.


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