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Easy I Spy Bottle Craft

Remember the colored rice I put the tutorial up for yesterday? Well this easy craft is just one of many that you can use the colored rice for. Not only does the colored rice make these I Spy bottles more fun, it also makes it a little more difficult to spot the hidden objects for older children. My 10 year old insisted that his penny must have fallen out after several minutes of looking, until I spotted it for him. This really is a fun craft for kids and can keep them busy in lines or waiting rooms too!


  • Empty plastic bottles
  • Colored rice
  • Small objects to spy in the bottles
  • Measuring cup
  • Funnel
  • Super glue (optional if you want to glue the lid on when finished.)

Step 1:

Use the measuring cup and funnel to place different colors of rice into the bottle.

Step 2:

Leave several inches of empty space at the top of the bottle or the rice and objects will not be able to move around freely.

Step 3:

Place all of the objects you want to be able to spy in the bottle.

Step 4:

Shake the bottle well to mix the colored rice and hide the objects. Enjoy finding the objects that have been hidden in the I Spy bottles.


  • Don’t forget to leave room at the top of your bottle.
  • You can choose to super glue the top on when you are done to avoid a mess or choking hazard for younger children.
  • Check the clearance section of your local craft store for different objects to put in the bottles.
  • You can print out a list of items in the bottle and tape it to it if you want, or just have fun seeking on your own.

7 thoughts on “Easy I Spy Bottle Craft”

  1. I think I’ll make on  without “stuff” in them.  Then I can add little toys to it when I find them.   We had a store bought one that we loved until it broke.  It made a great distraction for the boys in the car. 

    Thanks for the great idea.

  2. I’m sorry but I am trying to find how to color the rice. This is the Funnest website and I am so proud of you for doing this! I love that they are easy and exciting too!

  3. Hi,
    I am so excited to find your website.  I am picking up my two grandsons, ages 7 and 9 this Sunday nite to stay with us for five days.  They have never been away from Mom  and Dad for over a nite.
    They love crafts and I wanted to find some different things.  Yours sound great and fun!!!  Thank you for posting.

    1. I apologize for just now seeing your question. You can turn the bottle upside down in a drying rack or in the dish washer and let it dry. If there are a few drops of water in it, it won’t hurt anything either. Just make sure it is mostly dry.

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