How to make colored glue

How to Make Colored Glue for Crafts

I had run across a lot of craft projects in the past that called for colored glue. Like a ninny I went out to the store in search of colored glue only to be told everywhere that it was not sold there. So, I finally figured that it must be something I had to make myself. That being the case, I came up with the process you see below to make colored glue that is perfect for kids crafts like the one you will see posted here tomorrow!



  • Several bottles of white or clear school glue
  • Food coloring in various colors
  • Plastic cups
  • A straw or stick for stirring

Step 1:

Empty an entire bottle of glue into a plastic cup. It is easier if you empty a small amount of glue out of the bottle before beginning so that it isn’t overflowing when you go to pour it back into the bottle.

Step 2:

Place several drops of food coloring into the cup with the glue.

Step 3:

Stir the glue and food coloring together. You can add more food coloring as necessary to get the colors you want.

Step 4:

Pour the colored glue back into its original bottle and shake well to ensure all the glue is mixed with the coloring.

Finished product:

The only cost involved is the price of the glue itself and a few drops of food coloring, so $.25 or so if you get the glue in a back to school sale like we did.

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