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Mini Marshmallow Shooter Craft Tutorial

What little boy doesn’t like to play with guns? Whether you give them to them or not, they can turn almost anything into something that can shoot. So, we decided to take a crack at making our own mini marshmallow shooters. We started out with styrofoam cups and then switched to plastic SOLO cups, but either one works well. Just follow the tutorial below to create your own marshmallow shooter. P.S. they also shoot cotton balls if you do not want marshmallows flying around your house.


  • Disposable cups
  • Scissors *not pictured
  • Crayons for decorating if wanted
  • Balloons
  • Tape
  • Marshmallows or cotton balls

Step 1:

Cut the bottom third off of a styrofoam or plastic cup. We started with styrofoam, but found the tops of Solo cups to be sturdier.

Step 2:

Tie a knot in the bottom of a balloon without inflating it.

Step 3:

Cut the tip off of the top of the balloon.

Step 4:

Stretch the balloon over one end of the cup and secure with tape along the edges.

Step 5:

Load up with ammo and shoot! You can use mini marshmallows or cotton balls, both work great.

The face you make when you work really hard to shoot a marshmallow at your mom and she catches you!

Finished Product:

Final cost for a marshmallow shooter ends up being less that $.50 for each one when you factor in the fraction of the art supplies used. A great deal for hours of shooting fun!

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