felt and stone hot pad

Felt and Stone Hot Pad Tutorial


felt and stone hot pad

I came across a picture of one of these DIY hot pads on Pinterest quite a while ago and decided it would be a fun and usable craft to make with the boys. I have seen it done a few different ways, but below is the tutorial that I created using our method. I would recommend this method for children who are 8+ or who you are comfortable with using a glue gun. Younger children could do it with supervision perhaps. Enjoy!

Step 1:

felt and stone hot pad step 1

Gather Materials:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Sheets of Felt
  • Rocks
  • Pot Lid to Trace

Step 2:

felt and stone hot pad step 2

Fold a piece of felt in half or place two sheets of felt together if you need a larger area, and trace the lid to a pot. The size lid you use to trace your circle is the size pot the hot pad will fit when finished.

Step 3:

felt and stone hot pad step 3

Cut out the two circles of felt.

Step 4:

felt and stone hot pad step 4

Place a layer of hot glue on one felt circle and then press the other felt circle on top of it so that they are fused together. You have to do this quickly before the glue dries though.

Step 5:

felt and stone hot pad step 5

Hot glue individual stones onto the top of the circle of felt in any pattern you like. We picked up a few bags of rocks at the Dollar Tree and chose the ones that were smooth and flat. The more even they are in flatness, the better the pot will sit when you are done.

Finished Project

Total cost per hot pad: $1

felt and stone hot pad

5 thoughts on “Felt and Stone Hot Pad Tutorial”

  1. How many pounds of rock did use for one pad?  I thought this would be a good craft for my MOPS group…but need to price it out.  Thanks!

    1. I am so sorry for the late reply. There are small bags of rocks like this at the Dollar Tree here. Don’t know if you have them by you, but we did not even use 1/4th of a bag for each pad. So, it was less than $.25 worth of rocks for each pad, plus about 10 cents worth of felt.

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