summer crafts

70 Summer Crafts for Boys

summer crafts

To kick off the Crafts 4 Boys website, I thought I would share the list of fun crafts and experiments that the boys and I will be doing this summer. You can check back in from time to time to see tutorials and posts on all of them. While some are pretty simple, others like the Kid Car Wash will require a little more time and effort. They are all geared towards boys, but would work for girls as well. Enjoy the list!

1. Homemade Rock Candy
2. Hammered Flower and Leaf Craft
3. Make Your Own Kite
5. Grass Head Monster
6. Kaleidoscopes
7. Oobleck Goo DIY
8. Rain Sticks
9. Baking Soda Volcanos
10. Glow in the Dark Bubbles
11. DIY Bouncy Balls
12. Angry Bird Puppets
13. DIY Lava Lamps
14. Crystal Egg Geodes
15. Monster Corner Bookmarks
16. Clothespin Airplane Craft
17. Ice Building
18. Spray Bottle Painting
19. Red White and Blue Hand print Windsock
20. Kid Car Wash Sprinkler
21. Birdseed Biscuits
22. Marbled Shaving Cream Paper
23. Stone and Felt Hot Pads
24. Treasure Rocks
25. Chalkboard Placemats
26. Funny Face Pillow
27. Landmark Legos
28. Painted Bread Sandwiches
29. Sponge Balls
30. Newspaper Fort
31. Monster Feet
32. Balloon Hovercraft
33. Boy Toy Water Globes
34. Colored Glue Suncatchers
35. Farting Balloon Art
36. Balloon Operated Cars
37. Juice Box Sailboats
38. Outer Space Playdough
39. DIY Glow in the Dark Slime
40. Yarn Balloon Lanterns
41. Egg Carton Color Scavenger Hunt
42. Egg Carton Dragon Craft
43. Plastic Egg Snake
44. Terrariums
45. Tablecloth Fort
46. Scary Flashlight Face
47. Nature Hike Bags
48. Map Magnet Puzzle
49. Toilet Paper Roll Rockets
50. Monster Boxes
51. Name Skeletons
52. DIY Floam
53. Sandpaper T-shirt Craft
54. Father’s Day Handprint Picture
55. Rustic Twig Candle Holders
56. Toy Story Aliens Craft
57. Homemade Stress Balls
58. Sandwich Bag Bomb Experiment
59. Pipe Cleaner Creatures
60. Edible Marshmallow Necklace
61. Yarn Bowl
62. Inside of an Egg Experiment
63. DIY Felt Storybook
64. Angry Birds PomPom Set
65. Dinosaur Fossils
66. Marshmallow Shooters
67. Drinking Straw Cars and Trucks
68. Magnetic Tic Tac Toe Board
69. Eye Spy Bottles
70. Paper Tops

3 thoughts on “70 Summer Crafts for Boys”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to following your adventures … I have a very inquisitive 6 month old boy and I hope that he will enjoy making stuff as much as I do … but I haven’t a clue where to start – good luck with the site

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I know the site is new, but crafts and tutorials will be going up each day, so just keep checking back. Although I don’t have any little little ones anymore, a lot of the crafts will definitely be for all ages.

  2. I just found your blog today…. and I’m excited to follow along. I have my grandkids here alot in the summer and I’m always looking for ideas to keep them busy and entertained 

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